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General Questions

Q  How do I buy reports & Financial Statement?
A  Click Buy Reports and Statement. Choose Corporate or People. Key in the corporate name or UEN Number or the name/ID# of the individual that you like to buy a report or Financial Statement on. On the next screen, choose the type of reports or the year of the Financial Statement.

Buying Financial Statement  If Financial Statement of the company is available, it will display below the report types with the financial year for you to choose and order. Note: Not all companies file Financial Statement.

  • Frequent users can become a Subscriber to enjoy lower price. To be a Subscriber, you can obtain more information by clicking the NEW SIGN UP button and completing the New Application Form available online. You can then choose and download payment forms that can be email to us via See answers on How to pay below.
  • Ad-hoc users can also buy reports online 24/7 using either your Visa/Mastercard credit card without signing up.

    Click Buy Report & Statement. Choose Corporate or People. Key in the corporate name or UEN Number or the name/ID# of the individual that you like to buy a report or Financial Statement on. On the next screen, choose the type of reports or the year of the Financial Statement. Add report to cart, view cart and follow online instructions until you complete the credit card payment and download the report at the end. Note: Do not use back-arrow at the credit card payment stage, wait for and read online instruction carefully.

Q  How do I know what report to buy and what is the price?
A  Go to Product and Pricing. You can view and download samples of all reports, view products content comparison table to find the most suitable report.

Q  Why should I be a Subscriber?
A  Subscribers are frequent users of our reports and pay a monthly subscription fee of S$9.00 per User to enjoy the lower transactional charges per reports. Click here to view pricing.

Q  How do I pay?
A  We have various mode of payment available to our customers.
  • VISA Credit Card or MasterCard - For ad-hoc purchases of reports
  • Advance Payment – For frequent users.
    • Minimum advance payment is S$500.
    • Monthly Subscription fee (S$9) and purchases will be drawn down on a monthly basis from this advance payment.
    • Customers will be alerted to top up when balance reaches $200.
    • All balance advance payment money will be refunded, less banking charges on termination
  • Interbank Payment – For Frequent users.
    • All payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer to: Bank Name : DBS Bank
      Bank Address : 252 North Bridge Road, #02-26A/B, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
      Account Name : Bizinsights Pte. Ltd
      Account Number : 0339039284

      **All Bank Charges and Agent Clearing Charges incurred during the course of clearing the cheque / TT are to be borne by customer.
    • For Singapore Subscribers – Auto interbank deduction via GIRO. GIRO Form to be completed and mail to BizInsights for processing by bank. Processing take about 3 weeks.
Q  Where do I view my invoices from BizInsights?
A  You must login using your Billing ID. Monthly invoice and overall usages are available via our Portal under My Profile > Invoices.

Q  How will I be billed?
A  All transactions and subscription fees are deducted on the first week of the following month. Ad-hoc users can print the receipt on credit card purchase confirmation.

Q  Which ID can I use to buy reports?
A  You can use either your Billing ID or User ID to order report.

Q  What is the difference between Billing ID and User ID?
A  Billing ID is the account administrator and have access to change existing User IDs profile like name and email tagged to that User ID. Access to the invoice and the consolidated Usage Statement of all the User ID holders. Go to My Profile after login to view.
User ID can only order reports, see and retrieve their own orders under My Profile

Q  I lost my password, what can I do?
A You can login using your ID and click 'Reset Password' at the bottom. An email with a link will be sent to the email registered under that ID. Click the link in the email and follow the online instruction to reset your password.

Q  I did not get an email notice for the report I purchased. How to change the email address?
A Your User ID may not be tagged to your email address as you may be sharing a User ID. If you wish to change the email tagged to a User ID, you can login and go to My Profile to do so. Billing ID holders can also change User name and email.

Q  How do I add a User?
A You will need to send a email request to Please provide name and email information of the person that you wish to add.

Q  I want to terminate my Account with BizInsights, how can I do it?
A You can download the Termination form and send it back to us for processing. Processing usually takes 1-2 business days.

Q  How long will my reports be made available online?
A  Subscriber’s purchases will be archived within the same day of the transaction and stored for 7 days. You can retrieve it from My Profile -> My Report.
For Non-Subscriber, a link to the purchases will be emailed within the same day of the transaction. The reports will also be made available for 7 days via this link in the email.

Q  What should I do if there is inaccurate information in the report?
A Please contact our customer service at 6909 9870 or email to, we will investigate and assist you accordingly.
BizInsights will provide a free copy of the rectified report if there was any discrepancies found in our reports

Q  Do I need to pay for the redress of inaccurate information?
A No payment is needed for the redress of inaccurate information.

Q  Where is the BizInsights data obtained from?
A  A significant portion of the BizInsights’ report products and data solutions are obtained from the full ACRA database. BizInsights products also contain derived data and valuable insights from the raw ACRA data.

Q  What is the relationship between ACRA and BizInsights?
A  The Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the official company registry in Singapore. BizInsights is a licensee of the ACRA database with its core report products approved and co-branded with ACRA.

Q  Is BizInsights’ reports the same as ACRA BizFile+ reports?
A  No. Whilst our Business Profile Report and the ACRA BizFile+ Business Profile report have similar content, it is not the same. BizInsights also has more report types with other unique value propositions compared with ACRA services.

Q  How often is the information database at BizInsights updated?
A  The information is updated on daily basis with data received from the ACRA. Every report delivered is produced fresh from this updated database.

Q  Why do customers buy from BizInsights instead of ACRA or other information providers?
A  As an ACRA data licensee with ACRA co-branded products, customers consider us as an official source of information and buy from us because we have updated ACRA data, a wide range of ACRA co-branded products, attractive pricing, and technical/API capabilities.

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