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BizInsights Refund Policy

This documents document states the official and complete Refund and Service credit policy for our products, services and memberships is as follows:

BizInsights shall refund for the following:

  1. Dispute in Data Accuracy
    1. I. On the information provided through BizInsights due to our system faults in presenting or in processing of the source data; and
    2. On the information source from the respective Data Owners due to delayed updates of the source data;
      PROVIDED that BizInsights is formally informed of the inaccuracy within 3 business-days of the original purchase.

    BizInsights shall not refund nor be liable for the following:

  2. System Usage
    1. Any repeat purchase of the same Report, resulting from user unfamiliarity with BizInsights shopping cart system. User is encouraged to read the how to/guide before using our services.
    2. Any repeat purchase of the same Report, resulting from user's failure in downloading, including possible causes such as delay in user's network and/or user's computer equipment, or simply forgetting to download within the availability period. User is encouraged to verify downloading result before retrying of purchase to avoid or minimize double transactions.

  3. Membership Subscription
    1. Cancellation during the middle of the month will not have any prorated refund for the subscription fee
    2. Cancellation received in less than the stipulated advance notice period will result in charging of next month subscription with termination taking effect at the end of next month
    3. Any amount in the Advance Deposit shall be utilized completely before cancellation. The credit will be forfeited once the account has been terminated.
    4. Cancellation requires 7 working days to process, during this period any transaction will still be charged accordingly

In an unforeseen situation due to exceptional cases not covered by the above, one can request for a refund by submitting to support@bizinsights.net stating the Purchase Reference Number. The Refund policy will subject to the mode of payment such as the refund policy by the respective Credit Card company. Other forms of refund will take 3 to 5 working days and payment will be via cheque issued from a Singapore bank.